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poop / корма, полуют, дурачок
имя существительное
stern, aft, poop, fanny
nincompoop, ninny, airhead, dummy, nut, poop
harass, poop, wash out, do
run down, exhaust, wear, harass, fatigue, poop
черпнуть кормой
имя существительное
the aftermost and highest deck of a ship, especially in a sailing ship where it typically forms the roof of a cabin in the stern.
But then the roof of the top of the ship is a poop deck .
I was the one that they would, you know, one would lean over behind me and the other would give me a push and I would land in the dog manure, poop pile.
up-to-date or inside information.
what's the latest poop from campaign headquarters?
a stupid or ineffectual person.
(of a wave) break over the stern of (a ship), sometimes causing it to capsize.
carrying a high sea, we were badly pooped
I was pooped and just flopped into bed
Either that or they aren't held up by ‘the man’ and ‘society’ and the oppressive illogical moral arguments about not pooping your pants.
Hyndburn Council's moves have been matched by other East Lancashire authorities, with each council embarking on a blitz of dog poop .
It gives the inside poop on the social scene at colleges from coast to coast.
In Buffalo, my bedroom window faces a neighbor's rickety tool shed, which is buried in a snowdrift and dotted with dog poop .
One nice thing about receiving home delivery of the Boston Globe is that our carrier inserts it into a handy plastic bag which can be used to pick up dog poop .
What a relief to discover that my industrious good friend David Brown is hot on the trail of the schnooks who made a pile trading Cinram stock off the inside poop .
Other ingredients that are suitable for compost include saw dust, straw, bird seed, sea weed, and manure, although dog and cat poop is not advised.
The visitors are wondering if we have found some secret Hawking-like black hole disappearing mechanism for momentary litter and dog poop !
he was making fun of an old poop
You wake up with a steaming pile of dog poop on your lawn.
According to Heather, and I have no reason to doubt her, her mom is going to ‘totally poop her pants.’