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pool / бассейн, пул, общий фонд
имя существительное
pool, swimming pool, basin, pond, reservoir, drainage basin
общий фонд
объединять в общий фонд
имя существительное
a small area of still water, typically one formed naturally.
The natural lake water interchanges with the pool area water, keeping it clean.
a supply of vehicles or goods available for use when needed.
the oldest vehicle in the motor pool
(of water or another liquid) form a pool on the ground or another surface.
the oil pooled behind the quay walls, escaping slowly into the river
(of two or more people or organizations) put (money or other assets) into a common fund.
they entered a contract to pool any gains and invest them profitably
He walked into the pool area, it was very elegant, there was a large hot tub, an elegant wading pool and an athletic pool for swimming laps.
The name ‘pool’ comes about because each player lays a stake which is pooled, the winning player being the recipient of the pool .
He took up snooker and eight ball pool , becoming good at both.
the typing pool
We got the guys from the motor pool to weld a gun mount on the outside of the cupola - the brace on my mount was a huge wrench with thee-inch jaws.
A man was left lying in a pool of blood in a quiet residential street after being attacked and stabbed.
Her father, a basketball player, had expected a boy and treated the girl like one: pushing her into the pool to teach her swimming at three, and giving her a crew cut.
Guy is in the pool , swimming laps furiously whilst Cassie reads a women's magazine at a wrought iron breakfast table.
This should be completed several days prior to departing the motor pool to allow time for parts to arrive.
This is a concept in which villagers pool money to create a fund from which they can lend out smaller amounts of money to members.