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poof / гомосексуалист, женоподобный мужчина
имя существительное
homosexual, gay, queer, poof, invert, homo
женоподобный мужчина
effeminate, poof, poofter
имя существительное
an effeminate or homosexual man.
used to convey the suddenness with which someone or something disappears.
once you've used it, poof—it's gone
used to express contemptuous dismissal.
“Oh, poof!” said Will. “You say that every year.”
You were freaking out beyond measure and then… poof !
Big problem is that if Bugs gets hit by an enemy, poof !
The evangelist of kitsch took one more bow, waved, and vanished - poof !
Nonetheless, just as I was fantasizing about how I could put my hands on that amount of money while remaining out of jail - poof , it was gone.
Well I tell you that once there was a 1500 word piece ready for the paper, and then - poof !
And then - poof ! - she was gone, hidden behind a veil of silence.
No explanation of why, no apology, just gone - poof !
If the miser tries to hoard the penny or spend it on himself - poof , a handful of ashes.
Oh poof - you're no fun anymore.
This man rolls in dough, wouldn't it be a shame if suddenly all his money went - poof !