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poodle / пудель, подхалим, лакей
имя существительное
poodle, shock
sycophant, toady, bootlicker, waterboy, lickspittle, poodle
footman, lackey, flunkey, flunky, lacquey, poodle
имя существительное
a dog of a breed with a curly coat that is usually clipped. The numerous varieties of poodle include standard, miniature, and toy.
The dogs included shih-tzus, dachshunds, Lhasa apsos, bearded collies, corgis, chihuahuas, poodles , Pekinese and Yorkshire terriers.
Make room for doodles, the latest designer dogs - a mix of a poodle with another breed.
Symbian's rivals have been tagging the company as Nokia's poodle for a couple of years now, and the deal is being widely seen as confirmation.
the council is being made a poodle of central government
She knows that going into government as Fianna Fáil poodle would be even more damaging than being stuck out on the wilderness of the Opposition benches.
Reading this front page coverage makes me wonder if he knows the issues or if he is merely a press poodle for the politician.
To the one on her right, Louise said, no, she would not sit for his dog - a taffy-toned poodle with a puppy cut that answered to the name of Roy.
When the poodle gets out of politics, they should start measuring his neck.
the chap who just wants to poodle along the road at 50 mph
The poodle , Bedlington terrier, and Kerry blue terrier have long, wooly or coarse coats that tend to shed less.
It is well known that the US government - like that of her British poodle - favour universities as a method of recruiting spies.