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ponderous / тяжелый, тяжеловесный, увесистый
имя прилагательное
heavy, hard, severe, difficult, grave, ponderous
heavy, ponderous, stodgy, elephantine, graceless, labored
heavy, ponderous
имя прилагательное
slow and clumsy because of great weight.
her footsteps were heavy and ponderous
That we heard Paul Kagame, president of Rwanda, saying it's too slow, it's too ponderous .
His jumping is crisp and accurate at this game, whereas he can often be slow and ponderous over fences.
Government-by-committee and persistent bureaucratic controls lead to ponderous decision-making.
The courts move in their usual ponderous manner.
The very slow action and scene progression of Rainmaker may appear overly ponderous , but is quite effective in conveying the desperation of the characters.
Certainly his deft karate skills have become slow and ponderous .
The superior fitness and organisation within the Malton side was always going to cause problems for a ponderous and ageing visiting side who had little to offer apart from a big front row.
Arthur Thatford was the slow, ponderous sort, and his sister little better.
Stansfield had lost none of his ability in winning the ball in the air but on the ground he was slow and ponderous and a number of defensive errors became attributed to him.
The book's long, ponderous descriptions of southern landscapes and sub-Faulknerian dialogue led some readers to suspect that the hero was in no hurry to see her again.