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ponder / размышлять, обдумывать, взвешивать
reflect, meditate, think, ponder, contemplate, speculate
think, ponder, consider, think over, mull, contemplate
weigh, balance, ponder, scale, deliberate, heft
имя существительное
pestle, pistil, pounder, beater, ponder
think about (something) carefully, especially before making a decision or reaching a conclusion.
I pondered the question of what clothes to wear for the occasion
She pondered for a second but then she realised that it was the panther.
One ponders the possibility of a rewritten script directed by Besson with Yuen staging the action.
Between the explosions and chase scenes, The Island ponders the theme of how far science should go to extend lives.
There is so much out there to think about, to enrich ourselves with and to use our cerebral matter in ponderation that it seemed to me to be almost a crime for these people not to use their grey matter to its full potential!
Their lawyers are said to be pondering the matter of copyright infringement at the moment.
And if he is pondering this career move, it is unlikely to be the first time.
She ponders her resolution to post regularly, and how it relates to her relationship with her father.
I think I like her better when she's pondering out loud.
The Spanish Civil War itself proved a fitting setting for a film that ponders death and its finality.
When he's not writing protest poems about saving rocks, Albert ponders the meaning of life.