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pond / пруд, водоем, бассейн
имя существительное
pond, pool, impoundment, mere, laguna, stank
water, pond, reservoir, basin, cistern, tank
pool, swimming pool, basin, pond, reservoir, drainage basin
dam, stem, jam, bank, choke up, pond
образовывать пруд
имя существительное
a small body of still water formed naturally or by hollowing or embanking.
Projecting eaves and bamboo verandahs shaped views of gardens with ponds , streams and artificial hills.
hold back or dam up (flowing water or another liquid) to form a small lake.
Completely collapsed ponds were areas where the remnants of a dam were still present and water was partially ponded behind the dam, but at least part of the dam was fully breached and water was freely flowing through the breached area.
On the other side of the pond , the Atlantic sturgeon is better documented.
This is his debut album, recently released this side of the pond , and although it is a raw, slightly patchy affair, after a few plays it weaves its intimate spell.
Three Oxford students have a blog devoted to international relations, and politics on our side of the pond .
he's relatively unknown on this side of the pond
A critical hit on both sides of the pond , it's a noir detective story starring Lionel Essrog, a detective with Tourette's Syndrome.
It just seems too far away, too detached from life this side of the pond , and America should have the resources to sort out this kind of problem if anyone has.
The higher buoyancy will allow the magma to pond at shallower depths.
Ask most people on either side of the pond what they think of tabloids and they'll tell you they don't think very highly of them.
It is a Tolstoyan study in human fallibility in the context of global history, the like of which nobody on this side of the pond has come close to emulating.
British journalism revelling in racial division the other side of the Atlantic rarely seems to trouble itself to look at the ethnic splits this side of the pond .