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poncho / пончо
имя существительное
имя существительное
a garment of a type originally worn in South America, made of a thick piece of woolen cloth with a slit in the middle for the head.
Men wear trousers, shirts, and woven ponchos (capes).
Twelve years ago, she landed here, in a backpack and rain poncho .
Don a high-tech silver poncho and sip a frosty vodka cocktail from glasses cut from solid blocks of ice while admiring the frozen sculptures.
A young guy in glasses - not unattractive - is dancing in some kind of plastic poncho .
The water was cool, the wooden bench, covered with a woollen poncho , seemed most comfortable, and the view was marvellous…
Today we may find ourselves in the rain so I'll get to use my official Tour de Georgia poncho , also known as a bright orange trashbag.
Thought it'd be too easy otherwise, even with this poncho I unthinkingly brought along.
Traditionally, Bolivian men living on the Altiplano would wear homemade trousers and a poncho .
Ever thoughtful to their customer's needs, Neiman Marcus also makes these plain tiny umbrellas and waterproof poncho .
Inside each complimentary cold bag, nestled below the half-bottle of Champagne and assorted supermarket delicacies, was a serviceable souvenir rain poncho .
So to fill up some spare time and use some oddments of wool I had left I've knitted my eldest grand-daughter a poncho and matching pixie hat.