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pompom / пом пом
имя существительное
a small woolen ball attached to a garment, especially a hat, for decoration.
an automatic quick-firing two-pounder cannon of the World War II period, typically mounted on a ship and used against aircraft.
Beyond here, towards the bow, a quadruple two-pounder anti-aircraft or pom-pom gun system with a stack of ammunition ready by its side lends something of a Chuuk lagoon atmosphere to the dives.
The present serious damage to biodiversity comes from conventional invasive species like woody species, lantana, bugweed and pompom .
Contrast flower shapes as well, letting spiky, flat-topped, and pompom blooms play off each other.
Even now, when I saw the kids in their faux fur-lined coats and pompom topped hats, I could remember the way Rob had knelt to the sidewalk, had so delicately touched one of the young girl's silken braids.
The following art period, when the gourds were dry, I let the students choose from myriad paint colors, and odds and ends such as felt, pompons and cotton.
Some fun materials to use include buttons, fabric trim, yarn, cotton, feathers and pompoms .
With her short skirt and pompoms , she searches for the game plan, using snack food and beer to distract some rabid fans that get in her way.
Terri's was the same dress she wore last year, red with white pompoms dangling off the hem.
Flower growers cut chrysanthemum blooms soon after the green colour disappeared from the centre of the flowers and harvested pompons when fully developed, but they gathered orchids only when the blooms were fully open.
Much of the vigor of the textile traditions of Mahdia comes through the embellishment of woven cloth with embroidery and the addition of fringes, tassels, and pompoms .
Kelli jazzed up white curtains by sewing on bright pompoms .