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pompadour / высокая прическа с валиком, светло-розовый оттенок
имя существительное
высокая прическа с валиком
светло-розовый оттенок
имя существительное
a man's hairstyle in which the hair is combed up from the forehead without a part.
His hair is dyed black, and is styled in a pompadour , and he wears mutton-chop sideburns.
arrange (hair) in a pompadour.
I saw a concert in Santa Barbara in 2002 and it was just an ocean of black pompadoured hair.
Petrone, with his jet-black pompadour and ever-present leather cat coat, was as much of a constant in the local rock and underground music scene as hangovers and bad sound checks.
Elliot - in a blond pompadour and soulful expression - is so sensitive that the sight of the sunset makes him weep with compassion for all of mankind and nature.
He has the clothes, the shoes, the pompadour , and the ‘strong, silent, coolness’ thing completely down cold.
Badgley Mischka's campaign, inspired by a Dutchess of Devonshire fantasy, portrays a bride beneath a huge pompadour with leaves, feathers against a soft, gold background.
Over a table hung a sign saying ‘U.S.O. Welcomes Our Servicemen,’ and a young woman with her hair neatly rolled in a high pompadour offered coffee and powdered doughnuts to servicemen passing by.
Joining the two other members of the camp staff, Jon Voigt is a particularly nasty delight as he struts around with a six-shooter and a greasy pompadour .
Perhaps it's his glaring vanity - it is surely disingenuous for a man in his sixties to sport such a pompadour and pretend that he doesn't want it noticed.
His hair is dyed black, and is styled in a pompadour , and he wears mutton-chop sideburns.
A big guy with tats and a rockabilly pompadour walks by.
she combed her hair into a high, curly pompadour