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pomp / помпа, великолепие, пышность
имя существительное
pump, pomp, glitter, pageantry
splendor, magnificence, grandeur, glory, brilliance, pomp
pomp, splendor, grandeur, flamboyance, glitter, flamboyancy
имя существительное
ceremony and splendid display, especially at a public event.
St. Paul's was perfectly adapted to pomp and circumstance
They all went home and prepared for the grand parade for the Governor - who did arrive to great pomp and ceremony.
The event took place with a flourish of military pomp and ceremony, and army officers wore black armbands in memory of the Queen Mother.
The crowd went on its way all smiling and you wondered whether there could be pomp and ceremony, any kind of public celebration without a brass band.
A group of locals are carefully preserving unique traditions throughout the year - traditions which are more than just pomp and ceremony.
Why devote so much pomp and ceremony to someone who lived such a long and full life and died peacefully?
In a documentary to be shown on BBC 2 tonight, he will reveal his distaste for pomp and ceremony in the Anglican Church.
Break open the Pimms and get ready for five days of tradition, pomp and ceremony - and loads of rowing action.
We can have as much pomp and circumstance as we like, but it's not going to turn our Parliament into something it's not.
To appease the citizens, a ‘building safeguard programme’ was announced with pomp and ceremony.
The very first episode shows a Europe immersed in the grandeur of pomp and circumstance.