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pomegranate / гранат, гранатовое дерево
имя существительное
garnet, pomegranate
гранатовое дерево
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
an orange-sized fruit with a tough reddish outer skin and sweet red gelatinous flesh containing many seeds.
Fill a tall, clear vase with lemons, apples or pomegranates , or lay the fruit on a collar of greenery tucked around a large hurricane lamp with candle.
the tree that bears the pomegranate, which is native to North Africa and western Asia and has long been cultivated.
It has a wonderful courtyard, with walnut trees, pomegranate , vine, bamboo, oleander and roses.
The Afghans have lost their pomegranate orchards to poppy fields.
Place the two egg yolks in a pan along with the wine and sugar and the seeds of the pomegranate and whisk over a low heat (preferably in a bain-marie) until you reach the ribbon stage.
She uses stitching, wool and gold leaf but in this demonstration used the seeds from a pomegranate with bits of coloured paper.
The pomegranate 's crunchy seeds, each encased in sweet-tart, watery pulp, make this fruit unusual and fun to eat.
In addition to being eaten fresh, the sweet, dark-red pomegranate makes excellent jelly and syrup and is a primary ingredient in the flavoring grenadine.
Although the pomegranate is not native, it has a long history of cultivation in desert regions and is often mentioned in ancient literature.
It has a wonderful courtyard, with walnut trees, pomegranate , vine, bamboo, oleander and roses.
This time it's Chal Chal Alayea El Rumman, a song about a pomegranate and a lemon tree that is, in fact, a political lament that relates to the end of the first world war.
We have twelve olive trees, four fig trees, one pomegranate and a couple of as-yet-unidentified trees.
A quince is one of those fruits, like a pomegranate , that reminds me of a Christmas bauble.