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pomade / помада
имя существительное
pomade, pomatum, ointment
pomade, pomatum
имя существительное
a scented ointment applied to the hair or scalp.
Style your hair with a quasi-Mohawk, by adding pomade to emphasize the hair in the middle of your head so that it sticks up more than the rest of your hair.
apply pomade to.
Your barnet was pomaded and with the flick of a comb, your parting stayed in place - even if it did give your scalp a covering which would have stopped bullets in the trenches.
Well, don't go putting pomade in your hair, Dave, but yeah, just boogie it up some.
Mont Source's pomade is very easy to apply, and another great advantage is that it takes a very small amount to get the desired style.
No referring to hair gel, pomade or grease as ‘product’.
Put on a skinny headband, then tease the back of the hair with pomade or hair spray.
As for why the movie is set in 1960, it might be as much for the lustrous effect of pomade in Yuddy's hair or his sleek, flattering period wardrobe and car as anything it contributes to the narrative.
Working in random, one-inch sections, take a dab of pliable pomade , and coat and twist hair as you go.
Clooney is superb as the vain, foppish McGill, scouring the stores for his preferred brand of hair pomade even as the police manhunt draws ever closer.
Blow dry hair with a small amount of pomade for smooth shine, then define with a bit of texture cream, worked into individual sections.
His birthday is Sept 21 and though pomade is a pretty lame gift, I'm sick to death of him complaining about Brillcreem.
When I learned that house flies were getting stuck in my pomade , I decided to grow my hair out again.