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polythene / полиэтилен
имя существительное
polyethylene, polythene
Material was brought back to the laboratory in polythene bags and maintained in a metabolically active condition in one of two ways.
Many anglers are switching from nylon monofilament line to gel spun polythene lines such as Power Pro or Fireline.
New plastics were invented such as neoprene in 1932, polythene in 1933 and Perspex in 1934.
Quite why a couple of carrots and a swede need to be packaged on a plastic tray with a polythene shrink wrap is something only supermarkets can explain.
Women will sit for hours in the kitchen portioning the meat into small polythene bags ready for distribution among family, friends and neighbours.
I recall the poinsettia being the most labour intensive, involving complicated light control and messing about with black polythene bags.
Polymerization at high pressures or in the presence of a catalyst can produce polythene .
It also contained a large polythene bag of shavings through which were visible vast, looming rhizomes, dark brown, with filaments.
The lake has been found littered with polythene bags and plastic bottles.
A ripped parcel arrived inside a post office polythene bag, but fortunately our beer was uninjured in the accident.