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polytheism / политеизм, многобожие
имя существительное
имя существительное
the belief in or worship of more than one god.
He purges them of all traces of polytheism , idol worship and superstition and all that is associated with these rituals, habits and traditions which are unworthy of man.
The latter believed in caste system and untouchability, polytheism , idolatry, etc.
To have your ultimate concern distributed in different directions is like polytheism - worship of many divinities.
This is not simply a clichéd clash between Islamic monotheism and Hindu polytheism as is made out in standard accounts on the subject.
Students were assigned to three distinctive world views: monotheism, polytheism , and atheism.
Atheism and polytheism are extremist distortions of this central truth.
This is no place to discuss the relative virtues of monotheism and polytheism and their good or sinister influence upon the whole character, nay, the very life of individuals and nations.
Similarly, it knows nothing of ancestor worship, polytheism , diviners or demons, all of which are attested to in various forms in earlier Israelite popular religion.
the polytheism of the ancient Near East
Originally established as a response to polytheism and idol worship, Judaism has been quite successful in perpetuating its belief in monotheism in that it is the parent religion of both Christianity and Islam.
When his followers are resistant to his demand to abandon polytheism and worship one God instead, he resorts to the cave where the angel has spoken to him before.