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polygraph / полиграф, детектор лжи
имя существительное
детектор лжи
lie detector, polygraph
имя существительное
a machine designed to detect and record changes in physiological characteristics, such as a person's pulse and breathing rates, used especially as a lie detector.
Lie-detector technology has moved on from cumbersome polygraphs that measure physiological responses to questions.
And he passed the polygraph , but he was a suspect and then they eliminated him.
The results suggest that fMRI may one day prove a more accurate lie detector than the polygraph .
And the prosecutors still argued that my client was guilty when they knew he passed the polygraph .
One was setting up a polygraph , laying out the lie detector's telltale wires and cords.
But as to that man's claims, I understand also his representative says he passed a polygraph .
Also, apparently, he took a polygraph, but one of the things that was omitted from the statement was whether or not he passed the polygraph .
Mechanical activity was recorded on a polygraph via isometric transducers.
Also within the Shaughnessy affidavit are details of polygraph - lie detector - evidence which throws the entire prosecution theory into chaos.
He invented a lie-detecting machine called the polygraph .
And Johnny Skakel, his brother, who was one of those witnesses, was tested by polygraph and passed the polygraph .