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polygamy / полигамия, многобрачие
имя существительное
имя существительное
the practice or custom of having more than one wife or husband at the same time.
Polyandry (multiple husbands) has recently been abolished; the practice of polygamy is legal provided the first wife grants her consent.
the condition of bearing some male, some female, and sometimes some perfect flowers on the same plant.
In plants, polygamy means the co-occurrence and function of monosexual and bisexual individuals in a population.
Circumstances show that matrimony is something good for people, and circumstances likewise justify polygamy for plants and animals.
Few could afford polygamous marriages, although polygamy varies both between rural areas and urban centers, and between ethnic groups.
While Short-eared Owls are typically monogamous, they form loose colonies and some polygamy may occur.
After all, there is already a great deal of precedent since, unlike gay marriage, polygamy has been widely practiced throughout history.
Despite the practice of polygamy and men's near-monopoly of religious offices, women have a comfortable social status as they are owners of the conjugal house.
Mating systems characterized by restricted breeding seasons, male polygamy , and female monogamy are common among animals.
For example, species without care or with uniparental care are expected to show higher levels of polygamy than do species with biparental care.
Some wealthy Tuareg men practice polygamy (having more than one wife at the same time).
The combination of matrilocal residence and polygamy has produced the same effects that it has in the Comoros.
Since polygamy is illegal in the United States, these marriage customs have created a serious problem in some immigrant households.