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poly / поли-, много-
multi-, poly-
имя существительное
short for.
many; much.
But media studies at a former poly faces an extra battle to gain credibility among the very media it seeks to understand.
Fake your CV so it shows you failed most of your A-levels and just managed to scrape a third-class management degree from a former poly your dad bunged a few thousand quid to, and you will be an irresistible prospect.
Usually one large sheet 7 of poly is used for all four walls of a room in a building.
I need a washable, durable plaid - fabric content 100% polyester or poly blend.
The Stretch Twill Pro Bowler, style BRS-007 from Boardroom, is a poly /rayon with Lycroplex blend that is a more mobile and comfortable version of Boardroom's microfibre fabric.
I have an acquaintance who is employed by one of our better universities (that's code for: not Oxbridge or Edinburgh or St.Andrews, but not a jumped-up poly either).
Other, tougher polyethylene options are woven poly and high-density polyethylene, a honeycombed material with better energy efficiency.
poly tunnel
The existing men's style is a short-sleeve poly /rayon blend with some surface detail and a soft hand to give it an upscale look and feel.
You could begin with the Checkered Flag sheet set made with a poly /cotton blend that's easy care for busy moms.