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poltergeist / полтергейст
имя существительное
имя существительное
a ghost or other supernatural being supposedly responsible for physical disturbances such as loud noises and objects thrown around.
Psychic investigators supposed Gef was a poltergeist or perhaps a ghost.
Therefore, the explanation of poltergeist cases is not, as the term poltergeist suggests, intelligent behavior by an immaterial being, a ghost.
But those who do believe in the ghosts agree that the theater is not haunted by a poltergeist or mean spirit.
In 1848 the Fox sisters produced the poltergeist manifestations that led to the spiritualist movement; even if they were frauds, that too is Neptunian.
On Sunday, the activity slowed down a little and the poltergeist contented itself with breaking two more windows and by throwing ripe tomatoes with excellent aim.
Psychic investigators supposed Gef was a poltergeist or perhaps a ghost.
Roll and Hamilton-Parker do not believe that poltergeists are ghosts or conscious entities.
The 16th and 17th centuries did see a number of poltergeist stories; poltergeists could be the spirits of the dead, or could be devils or intrusive witches whose spirits could walk abroad separately from their bodies.
We can even dismiss him as so far away from our own time - this man grew up in a Germany haunted by witches and poltergeists , and threw inkpots at the devil - that we simply cannot understand him at all.
After he attributes the resurrection appearances to poltergeists , and calls Jesus a levitating ghost, he's finished with the topic.
Must we explain ghosts, poltergeists , reincarnation, and the healing power of crystals?