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polo / поло
имя существительное
имя существительное
a game of Eastern origin resembling field hockey, played on horseback with a long-handled mallet.
How can they be world champions at polo , play magnificent hockey, soccer and rugby?
They love polo and love to share in the thrills and disappointments of tournaments.
Could you imagine that your sons become polo players and you can play together one day?
Used mainly as cavalry horses, the walers also excelled as mounts at polo , race meetings, and gymkhanas.
Also I think that for the level of polo they are playing it is also a little difficult.
a polo match
I like the way they play by heart, the open polo they play, and the way they ride on horseback.
Ferry also knew Robert Thame, who has played polo with Prince Charles and his sons.
The Gold Cup victory marked his triumphant return to the sport and to high goal polo .
It is the only one in the world that has two golf courses and a large stadium for polo .
No one knows, not even those who are high handicap polo players know some of the things.