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pollack / сайда
имя существительное
pollack, pollock
имя существительное
an edible greenish-brown fish of the cod family, with a protruding lower jaw. Found in the northeastern Atlantic, it is popular with anglers.
As a youngster he fished off the rocks for the usual species of cod, pollack , coley, wrasse, mackerel and dogfish with the odd plaice or eel.
Wrasse, pollack , edible and spider-crabs and three dogfish were just a few of the highlights.
We have had plaice, pollack , wrasse and garfish from here but bass and rays are also taken.
Cornwall is famous for its pollack fishing and although the height of summer is not the best time for the larger ones, there is always a chance of connecting with a decent fish.
During a recent dive on her there were so many juvenile fish (mainly pollack and codling) that the wreck resembled one of those Red Sea wrecks surrounded by shoals of glassfish.
Shore pollack fishing with artificial lures through the summer and autumn time is fast catching up and is becoming almost a cult thing, much as bass fishing did back in the mid 1960's.
While the cod, pollack and haddock may have all but disappeared, you stand a good chance of spotting porpoises, minke whales and even the odd beluga.
Eagles in the 1980s survived for a few years by consuming turbot, cod and walleye pollack either lost from fishing nets or discarded by fishermen.
North of Holyhead and round to Rhos-on-Sea the wrecks carry both pollack and coalfish, but the size of the pollack can drop and fish of 10 lbs are considered good fish.
The name, originally a German word, was a general one for any dried white fish, most often cod, but also pollack , whiting, hake, and others.
The North Sea is not the greatest place for fish but on any dive you are likely to see pollack , coalfish, ballan wrasse, anglerfish, topknots and ling.