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poll / голосование, список избирателей, затылок
имя существительное
vote, voting, ballot, poll, polling, division
список избирателей
back of the head, nape, occiput, poll, nape of the neck, hindhead
vote, poll, ballot, vote by ballot, take a ballot, elect by ballot
проводить голосование
подрезать верхушку
имя существительное
the process of voting in an election.
the country went to the polls on March 10
a person's head.
Peter scratched his poll and smiled feebly.
record the opinion or vote of.
focus groups in which customers are polled about merchandise preferences
cut the horns off (an animal, especially a young cow).
As an added bonus, every Thunderhouse calf born to date has been polled !
With serialized devices it should be possible to poll every compromised device on the Net just like using a traffic camera to catch drivers who run red lights.
Submit your comments or cast a vote in our poll below.
the ruling party won 24 seats, narrowly topping the poll
His head is crowned with a rough Shushah or tuft of hair on the poll ; his face is of a dirty brown.
the network manager can also use the software to poll each Mac on the net
A favorite ‘fash’ (i.e., fashion) is to scrape off a parallelogram behind the head, from the poll to the cerebellum.
At 17: 00 hours he made an announcement outside the Polling Station that the poll was closing.
He bowed out of politics after receiving 1133 votes, his lowest poll in the four elections he fought over a nine year period.
‘Come, Trueboy,’ said the man with the hat on his poll .
With my PC and a Bluetooth card, I can poll all the Bluetooth devices in range, and listen out for any broadcasts they make.