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polka / полька
имя существительное
polka, Pole
танцевать польку
polka, polk
имя существительное
a lively dance of Bohemian origin in duple time.
She notified her parents of her well-being, justified her expenditures and asked for more money, and kept her friends and family entertained with the details of Paris festivals and dancing the polka .
dance the polka.
Nobody knew that, and we weren't supposed to tell anybody, but she would come up, let him hold her glasses, and he'd start polkaing with her.
But I think there are people that are kinda baffled when you go from a polka to a heavy metal jam.
The first features something roughly analogous to a disco beat, topped off with a bassline that owes debts to the early-1970s Krautrock of Neu! and the rather more down-home sound of the polka .
They tried to polka , and I educated them throughout the whole set as to who wrote the songs.
Grace rests at the side of the small ballroom as she watches Carey dance a polka with Johnny Pritchett.
They embrace as the polka tune that repeats in her head returns.
The polka and waltz are very popular, but Slovenes dance all major dances from the tango to the macarena.
Combining the Mexican music of his family with the polka he heard played among the German/Czechoslovakian settlers, and the blues, Freddy developed a style all his own.
Traditional dances such as the krakowiak, oberek, mazur, and the zbo'jnicki will be enjoyed at such occasions, as well as the polka , a popular dance.
The music of Johnny O Leary was credited with fostering a renewed interest in traditional Irish dance and he was a firm favourite with those who enjoy a lively polka or sets.
These guys are medley maniacs - Saint Bushmill's put together a three-part one for the reel, the jig, and the polka - each!