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polity / государство, форма правления, государственное устройство
имя существительное
state, nation, polity, realm, commonwealth, land
форма правления
government, polity
государственное устройство
polity, order
имя существительное
a form or process of civil government or constitution.
They faced an enormous task of transforming their economies and polities from centralized communist control to the market economies and pluralist democracies that membership required.
The confidence that nonbelievers can reason morally seems to be a precondition for a religiously plural democratic polity .
a vision of a plural Arab polity
the civic humanist's polity
That must be defended at all costs to preserve our pluralism and democratic polity .
Banks and post offices burned as a measure of Arab alienation from Israel's constitutional polity .
Only by pushing for a name change can the country build itself as a polity and thereby establish a national identity.
For example, a democratic polity cannot be militarily attacked unless it directly threatens other states.
It is a reminder that in the democratic polity of India, all doors of justice are not slammed shut at once.
the period in which West Germany was a distinct polity
In other words, in spite of the facade of the modern state, power in most African polities progresses informally, between patron and client along lines of reciprocity.