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politicize / заниматься политикой, придавать политический характер, обсуждать политические вопросы
заниматься политикой
придавать политический характер
обсуждать политические вопросы
cause (an activity or event) to become political in character.
art was becoming politicized
Politicians are bound to politicize this disaster, as they do with all other world events, in a way that helps them accumulate more power and confiscate more wealth from their citizens.
attempts to politicize America's curricula
And the people that are your political opponents will politicize anybody you appoint anyway.
Some have argued that the ministry opened the bid at a time when the legislature is in recess because the ministry didn't want lawmakers to step in and politicize the privatization process.
Anyone proposing such a project, which in effect aims to politicize young people, is inevitably warily received and closely scrutinized.
we talk and squabble and politicize about education as a vote-catching agency
When people protest the way the Administration is let off the hook until the election, of course, the charge will be that they are attempting to politicize the process.
When either party tries to politicize God or co-opt religious communities, it makes a terrible mistake.
The case serves as yet another reminder of how sadly politicized the confirmation process too often becomes in today's political climate.
Angry young men were politicized , while rebellious young women were sexualized.