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polio / полиомиелит, детский паралич, больной полиомиелитом
имя существительное
polio, poliomyelitis, infantile paralysis
детский паралич
infantile paralysis, polio, poliomyelitis
больной полиомиелитом
The first symptoms of polio are fever, sore throat, headache and a stiff neck.
she has polio
Even in 1958, when she had had polio , she felt it was something of a curiosity and a disease doctors knew little about.
Beyond polio and guinea worm, the current list of potentially eradicable human pathogens is quite short.
She suffered polio , double pneumonia and scarlet fever, which rendered her left leg useless.
There now seems a real prospect that, like smallpox, polio may be eradicated entirely from the world.
Mr Baker blames the polio for his appetite for tough challenges.
If polio is stamped out, it will become only the second major human disease to be wiped off the face of the earth.
It was the first confirmed case of polio , which mainly affects children under the age of five, in the country for three years.
Sandy spent his younger years in India where he suffered from polio .