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polenta / полента
имя существительное
имя существительное
cornmeal as used in Italian cooking.
Many of these have their own specific names, such as frumenty, made from wheat; tsampa, made from barley; polenta , made from maize; congee, from rice.
Breads, pasta, rice, noodles, couscous, polenta , bulgur and other grains are your main sources of carbohydrates.
The bloggers dined al fresco on grilled marinated flank steak, polenta and Asparagus, with the aforementioned salad and cheesecake janegalt.
Along the coast, a meal usually includes fish and pasta, risotto, or polenta .
Soy grits are coarsely ground soybeans that can be used instead of corn grits or breakfast cereal, or mixed in polenta .
Place the polenta , flour and baking powder in a bowl, with the salt and sugar.
This easy vegetable stew makes a great main dish when served over pasta, grilled artisan-style bread, or polenta .
Who knew you could grill polenta on an indoor grill?
maize is used, more coarsely ground, in Italy's versatile polenta
You can't serve a Cumberland sausage with balsamic vinegar, polenta and all that foreign muck, you just can't.
Add the flour, polenta and the baking powder, and mix.