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polemic / полемика, спор, дискуссия
имя существительное
controversy, polemic, debate, dispute
dispute, controversy, argument, debate, quarrel, polemic
discussion, debate, controversy, argument, deliberation, polemic
имя прилагательное
polemical, polemic, agonistic, eristic
имя существительное
a strong verbal or written attack on someone or something.
his polemic against the cultural relativism of the sixties
I really do think it's perfectly OK to expose one's passions and prejudices in unashamedly polemic writing on a blog.
Much of contemporary architectural thinking is grounded in a polemic against modernism and even classicism.
I'll go back and read it again, but if I'm right, and you only gave a harsh polemic opinion, why react so vehemently to the opposing polemic viewpoint?
Its underlying message warns against falsehood and its consequences, although it does not ostensibly function as a polemic against homophobia.
His essay is in part a polemic against the mimetic theory of art, or against any theory which takes the image to be the basic constituent of the work.
By way of an introduction thought I'd post a polemic piece that I've been knocking about for a while.
Most of what Aristotle says about mathematics is a polemic against Plato's views, and there is not much consensus among scholars on the scattered positive remarks he makes.
Tradition and continuity are imbued with polemic powers.
And yet, the song is not just a polemic against those who are in power.
Despite all this, the most amusing thing about your article hasn't yet been mentioned here in my little polemic tirade.