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poleaxe / секира, алебарда, боевой топор
имя существительное
ax, poleaxe, poleax, axe
halberd, billhook, halbert, poleaxe, poleax, partisan
боевой топор
battle-axe, poleax, poleaxe, battle-ax
убивать бердышом
poleaxe, poleax
резать скот
kill, poleax, poleaxe
After getting hit a few times with the poleaxe and half-moon blades, she'd taken out her opponents in under five minutes, the second in less than three.
Inside is a room with just four tables, a couple of huge stacks of tottering CDs that threaten to poleaxe the barman, and shelves lined with wine bottles, each one with the price scribbled on the glass in silver magic marker.
Parkinson's super 40-yard angled pass split the Ashton defence and it was all keeper Trueman could do to poleaxe Fitzgerald as he homed in on goal.
Unfortunately a handful of the spectators misbehaved - the best knockout of the night left one spectator poleaxed for several minutes.
He poleaxed Salmenaga once in the first round, and for the KO in the third.
Whether it made contact or not, Cuthbertson collapsed, apparently poleaxed .
But the local area surveillance technology involved is poleaxing cars, immobilising them and/or setting off their alarms.
I was just stunned by how the gaps in his answers didn't seem like he was thinking, but that he was poleaxed .
Barnado, who recently poleaxed American Peter McNeely to register the first defence, was knocked out by Nel in the first round in their bout which took place a few years ago.
Both demons wore heavy, dark armour, covered in spikes, and brandished long poleaxes .