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polarity / полярность, полная противоположность
имя существительное
полная противоположность
antithesis, direct opposite, polarity
имя существительное
the property of having poles or being polar.
it exhibits polarity when presented to a magnetic needle
the polarity between male and female
However, Orisa… the forces of nature that run through and around this planet, have been interpreted in this male/female polarity .
So, it seemed to me that in the macrocosmic aspect, the controlling factor was tonality, or pitch polarity .
The sun's surface layer is divided into alternating bands of electric charge, either positive or negative, and each band has a different magnetic polarity .
Axis alignment does not specify the direction of polarity , only the relationship between the axis and some external reference.
Now if this theory is correct, the earth's poles will switch polarity , leading to Armageddon.
The polarity between male and female is, following Philo's procedure, often allegorized as an anthropological dualism or dichotomy.
the magnetic field peaks in strength immediately after switching polarity
This indicates a reduction in polarity of the tryptophan environment in presence of NaCl, i.e, in rod-shaped micelles.
Among the system properties governing the transition from nonpolarity to polarity a prominent parameter is the rate of autocrine ligand release.