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poky / убогий, тесный, медлительный
имя прилагательное
poor, miserable, needy, squalid, shabby, poky
close, narrow, tight, intimate, poky, confined
slow, sluggish, dilatory, tardy, lingering, poky
имя прилагательное
annoyingly slow or dull.
his poky old horse
(of a room or building) uncomfortably small and cramped.
five of us shared the poky little room
It's mainly a liberating process; I create shelf space in our poky house, I get to re-evaluate albums I'd forgotten about and I hopefully get some cash.
Here we are, though, in a poky room that slopes quite dramatically towards the door.
Did you think I was just going to stay in that poky apartment and wait until you deigned to return?
No one said that electric cars have to be poky , dull, and ‘responsible.’
In a brilliant coup de theatre, we first see him in what appears to be a poky little confining room, which as the play starts, expands into a cosy living room decorated for Christmas.
This hit me hard, and I felt vulnerable in the poky hotel room with only the ticking time bomb of a box and the view of my sea for comfort.
The only major alteration was the transformation of a poky shower room and toilet into an elegant pampering place.
Not much land, either, except for a poky office in a basement in Camden Town.
After a gruelling day of standing staring into space, she returns to her poky apartment to make drawings, which she occasionally sells through an art dealer.
Take a poky little room above a pub: there are more people on stage than there are in the audience.