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poke / тыкать, совать, толкать
poke, dab, prod, jab, thrust, shove
poke, stick, thrust, shove, poke in, poke up
push, hustle, shove, jostle, thrust, poke
имя существительное
poke, header, prod, dig, bondstone, bonder
push, impetus, impulse, thrust, kick, poke
bag, sack, sac, pocket, purse, poke
имя существительное
an act of poking someone or something.
she gave the fire a poke
a woman's bonnet with a projecting brim or front, popular especially in the early 19th century.
A Pennsylvania Amish in a poke bonnet goes next, happy as a bug.
power or acceleration in a car.
I expect you'd prefer something with a bit more poke
a bag or small sack.
More exotic Scots words would include stoorsooker pokes , for vacuum cleaner bags and tea-pokies for tea bags.
jab or prod (someone or something), especially with one's finger.
he poked Benny in the ribs and pointed
move slowly; dawdle.
I was poking along , my vision blocked by that curtain of sleet
Lesley Vainikolo also left the Belle Vue battleground early but his double vision from a poke in the eye will not keep him out of this Friday's visit to The Shay to take on Halifax.
she gave the fire a poke
Don't poke me or prod me when you are talking to me.
It was a real ‘crikey’ moment, and I wanted wrestle it, or at least poke it with a stick, but nobody had a camera so there was no point.
On the one hand, the elections this month gave them a poke in the eye.
He sighed, then sneezed as an unlucky poke of the stick in the fire sent a cloud of smoke into his face.
You must poke very small holes though your liner so that aerobic conditions are not created in the soil.
I liked the fact that it came across as an affectionate poke , and the fact that Garth looked like a cross between one of my friends and that bloke in Can who had the big sidies.
Well, the petrol version will get you from to 60 in about two hours, so if you want any poke at all, and surely that's the reason why you're buying a BMW, you have to go for the diesel.
Her mom gave her a poke and gestured to the table.