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poison / яд, отрава
имя существительное
poison, venom, toxic, toxin, bane, virus
poison, bane
poison, bane, blight, intoxicate, envenom, empoison
spoil, deteriorate, corrupt, ruin, mar, poison
corrupt, deprave, pervert, defile, debauch, poison
имя существительное
a substance that is capable of causing the illness or death of a living organism when introduced or absorbed.
Second-hand smoke contains about 4,000 chemicals, 200 poisons , and over 40 cancer-causing compounds.
administer poison to (a person or animal), either deliberately or accidentally.
he tried to poison his wife
This is a poison spreading through the body politic of the country.
Stupid laws contaminate those charged with enforcing them at the first level and then become exponentially more costly as their poison spreads through other layers of the economy.
he tried to poison his wife
The real ones are far worse but I dare not mention them lest their owners or fans of the owners come around one night and burn my house down or poison my dog.
That law will remain in force, only now your duty will be to shoot or poison the fox.
In this story, Florida itself has been ‘closed,’ the poison of the space program having corrupted the entire state.
meanwhile he is spreading his poison over the Internet
The poison spread by the BNP will make everyone's lives worse.
By the time he returned to Siler City, however, the poison spread by his original letter was already growing more toxic.
Would the act required of Hamlet, fulfilled, not spread the poison further?