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poised / уравновешенный, ведущий себя с достоинством, колеблющийся
имя прилагательное
balanced, poised, steady, sedate, staid, even
ведущий себя с достоинством
oscillating, hesitant, vibrating, vacillating, wavering, poised
имя прилагательное
having a composed and self-assured manner.
Keira was always in control, always composed, poised and confident.
be or cause to be balanced or suspended.
he poised motionless on his toes
This is a beautifully poised film that peels away the external artifice of its central character layer by layer, with each plot twist raising as many questions as it answers.
The poised , confident young woman was tossed into a world of checkpoints, strip searches and interrogations.
The elegantly dressed, poised woman looked a bit odd wearing a red and white Santa hat, but it really was cute.
Jen looked poised and beautiful, the quintessential bride, in red patent-leather Betty Boop heels.
She finally paints Adele, a subject she believes to be as poised and beautiful as the Madonna, but crumples up the sketch and throws it away.
De Havilland's poised , elegant Miriam is the perfect foil for haggard, wild-eyed Charlotte.
She's like a child grown in a pod on Mars: far too poised and intelligent to resemble any kid from our planet.
It is a beautifully poised and lean wine, as befits its musical signature of the shrill hunting horn.
In the picture, she looks entirely poised and comfortable.
And for the first time today this remarkably poised young woman breaks out into a blush.