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poise / равновесие, самообладание, уравновешенность
имя существительное
equilibrium, balance, equilibration, poise, equipoise, counterpoise
composure, countenance, poise, temper, control, equanimity
equilibrium, balance, poise, sobriety, equability, gravity
balance, poise, compensate
balance, counterbalance, equilibrate, compensate, equalize, poise
keep, hold, carry, rest, keep hold of, poise
имя существительное
graceful and elegant bearing in a person.
poise and good deportment can be cultivated
balance; equilibrium.
a unit of dynamic viscosity, such that a tangential force of one dyne per square centimeter causes a velocity change of one centimeter per second between two parallel planes separated by one centimeter in a liquid.
be or cause to be balanced or suspended.
he poised motionless on his toes
His language is deceptively simple; it is not easy to recreate his elegance and poise .
Her work goes beyond pathos, and whilst it seems paradoxical to speak about beauty, or even to use an oxymoron like ‘terrible beauty’, her work has a disquieting elegance and poise .
His movements are smooth but slow, almost lazy, yet somehow identical to his sister's feline-like poise , except his behavior is much colder.
I think the family has shown remarkable dignity and poise throughout this entire ordeal.
The HKMA head was unwilling to be drawn into talking about subsequent losses, but with markets still recovering their poise during May, the fund's losses seem set to mount.
I was very impressed with her poise and composure.
poise and good deportment can be cultivated
at least he had a moment to think, to recover his poise
He descended to raucous and tasteless personal attacks on the Gandhis and generally showed little dignity, poise or gravitas.
Dancers have already noticed increased poise , grace, and fitness, and welcome the safety aspect, saying ‘Donna keeps an eagle eye on all of us’.