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pointer / указатель, указка, стрелка
имя существительное
pointer, index, indicator, cursor, signpost, marker
pointer, fescue
arrow, hand, pointer, cursor, switch, indicator
имя существительное
a long thin piece of metal on a scale or dial that moves to indicate a figure or position.
The expanding diaphragm moves the pointer across a scale calibrated in feet above sea level.
a dog of a breed that on scenting game stands rigid looking toward it.
Ann Jones takes a selection of gun dogs including springer spaniels, german pointers and Labradors for a stroll during the fair.
He's got one prop, an umbrella, and his dance exhausts its every use: as a cane, a pointer , a balancer on the tightrope of a curb, a cyclotron whirling him inside a whirlwind.
The sculpture would be a reminder of the past and the lights would represent a pointer to the future.
Manningham Mills is a grand old reminder of Bradford's historic industrial past, but with the hard work of all involved it could and should be a pointer to a bright future for the city.
To help him work with the predominantly non-English-speaking crew, he was given a laser pointer .
They buckled in 2000 in anticipation of the economic slump, and hopefully their resurgence now is a pointer to better things to come in the years ahead.
This guy, this kid, teaches his dog, a mongrel, to be a pointer , and his father hates the idea because he breeds pure-breeds.
The entire operation was accomplished by turning a handwheel until the pointer indicated the desired angle on the graduated scale on the pedestal.
Dr. Thornton was involved in more than just importing and breeding the German shorthaired pointer in those early years.
They can see how far they have moved the pointer as they go through the journey.
The idea is that the aggregated purchases and disposals by directors is the most reliable pointer to the future direction of the market.