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point-blank / в упор, наотрез, прямо
в упор
fixedly, point-blank
flaty, point-blank
direct, right, straight, directly, live, point-blank
имя прилагательное
cutting, sharp, abrupt, harsh, severe, point-blank
resolute, strong, decisive, determined, drastic, point-blank
categorical, flat, peremptory, dogmatic, plump, point-blank
имя прилагательное
(of a shot, bullet, or other missile) fired from very close to its target.
the weapon was inaccurate beyond point-blank range
The strategy could involve a point-blank refusal by landowners to give bodies such as power companies, councils or the Army access to their land.
He fired point-blank at the grinning skull resting against the doorpost.
A general strike, Leon Trotsky once wrote, poses the question of power point-blank .
Firing at point-blank range, roughly one hundred militia men killed one of their opponents.
Before opening the vehicle, the police fired into it at point-blank range killing the boy.
But in an hour-long press conference which largely retrod the argument of yesterday's announcement, both men refused point-blank to comment on rumours of a new pact to pass the Labour leadership in return for entry to the euro.
But in the face of a furious grilling from a clutch of increasingly bewildered MPs - including Motherwell and Wishaw's Frank Roy - he refused point-blank to tell them the correct number to dial.
The troubles in Limerick city continue with the point-blank shooting of a 30-year-old in Moyross by two masked gunmen.
As we were dancing, I thought how reassuring it was that Scott sensed my discomfort and instead of point-blank saying ‘Get over him,’ he tried to be more of the shoulder to cry on.
If Mother couldn't open up to Christina, especially in the face of a point-blank question, she couldn't open up to anyone.