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podium / подиум, возвышение
имя существительное
elevation, hill, rise, exaltation, dais, podium
имя существительное
a small platform on which a person may stand to be seen by an audience, as when making a speech or conducting an orchestra.
A seemingly proud Hilary Modeste stood at the podium to deliver his speech for the evening.
(of a competitor) finish first, second, or third, so as to appear on a podium for an award.
I've had great results in the sprint and I've podiumed in the individual
The podium provided some support for him and he leaned against it heavily, trying to find what exactly he was supposed to be speaking into.
Four years ago at the Turin Games, skiers and snowboarders could be heard talking casually about their hopes to podium .
My hands felt the sides of the microphone and I fingered the wooden podium .
This episode was not played centre stage but on a small podium installed near the audience.
Beautiful materials are used: in the podium the concrete beams are clad in mullions of black Argentine granite enclosing fillets of white Sicilian marble.
Although they failed to make the medal podium they all performed to the best of their ability and all enjoyed their experience.
Scott is now taking the podium to call the audience to order.
The hostess nodded and motioned for them to follow her, moving from the podium , past two tables of diners and to a small two person table.
Urchins with candles preceded them to the Place du Panthéon, where they spread out around speakers standing on a makeshift podium .
From there it can be hard to podium , because eight skiers came after her, and the judges tend to reserve some cushion in their scores to accommodate the possibility of better performances by the top seeds, who go last.