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podgy / короткий и толстый, приземистый и толстый, полный
имя прилагательное
короткий и толстый
squab, chunky, squat, podgy, squatty, squabby
приземистый и толстый
full, complete, utter, total, absolute, podgy
имя прилагательное
(of a person or part of their body) somewhat fat; chubby.
The man wasn't tall, quite the contrary, he was podgy with a round, smiling face.
I had a short and successfully anonymous encounter with a podgy woman in spectacles.
If anyone knows why podgy women wear tops and trousers that don't meet, and lardy men go around without shirts in public places, please let me know.
He glared at the two of us, podgy arms folded and tucked into his leather apron.
The man wasn't tall, quite the contrary, he was podgy with a round, smiling face.
She's married, a good mother, bit podgy , works hard, is a diligent and decent person.
She's only about 4ft 10 in, but she has lovely legs in the portrait, although her hands are rather podgy - just as they are painted.
I'm suddenly overcome by a surge of unhappiness and slump down on the desk, resting on my bloated belly, burying my face in the comforting but annoyingly podgy darkness of my arms.
It opened to reveal a large podgy lady with long brown hair, in a blue and yellow dress.
Last time I went there was April Fools' Day last year when it was practically deserted but for half a dozen podgy guys dancing on a smoky dance floor to So Macho.
This bag became our abiding memory of that game as it swooped over the podgy people below.