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pocket / карман, кармашек, гнездо
имя существительное
pocket, pouch, bag
nest, jack, socket, receptacle, housing, pocket
имя прилагательное
pocket, vest-pocket
класть в карман
pocket, pouch
assign, appropriate, confer, arrogate, assume, pocket
pocket, pouch, cabbage, abstract, knock down
имя прилагательное
of a suitable size for carrying in a pocket.
a pocket dictionary
имя существительное
a small bag sewn into or on clothing so as to form part of it, used for carrying small articles.
I turned around to see someone standing there with his hands in his pants pockets , smiling.
a small patch of something.
some of the gardens still had pockets of dirty snow in them
put into one's pocket.
she watched him lock up and pocket the key
The hard, fast ball zoomed right into the pocket of her glove, as if it belonged there.
She examined items from her bag: a clock, a wooden frame the size of a pocket calculator, something with a wooden handle.
Harris has the burst of a natural pass rusher; when he breaks free into the pocket , the quarterback has little chance of escape.
They are, however, well-designed pocket revolvers for those who can and must carry a gun for personal protection.
The ball lands, on the fly, directly into the pocket of the glove.
This is an enormously complex work, despite the fact that it is only the size of a pocket handkerchief.
Attempting to position the cue ball for a pot on the black to a centre pocket , he experienced an unusually excessive bounce off the top cushion which took the white way past its intended spot.
He moves well in pocket and can scramble but has trouble finding second receiver.
It will not only fit easily into a daypack, it can also be carried in a shirt pocket .
I've gotten in the habit of carrying a notebook in my coat pocket .