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ply / слой, сгиб, складка
имя существительное
layer, bed, coat, stratum, sheet, ply
fold, bend, crease, ply, flexion, flexure
fold, crease, pleat, wrinkle, tuck, ply
run, ply
do, engage, engage in, be engaged in, practice, ply
усердно работать
grind, grind away, ply
имя существительное
a thickness or layer of a folded or laminated material.
Gauze or gauze-like products are typically manufactured as a single piece of material folded into a several ply gauze pad.
(in game theory) the number of levels at which branching occurs in a tree of possible outcomes, typically corresponding to the number of moves ahead (in chess strictly half-moves ahead) considered by a computer program.
This creates a ‘tree’ of analysis with moves branching at each ply .
work with (a tool, especially one requiring steady, rhythmic movements).
a tailor delicately plying his needle
(of a vessel or vehicle) travel regularly over a route, typically for commercial purposes.
ferries ply across a strait to the island
provide someone with (food or drink) in a continuous or insistent way.
a flight attendant who plied them with soft drinks
the yarn can be any ply from two to eight
This colour has been discontinued for some time now and while I still like it, I've got a lot of 4 ply cotton in stash and I'm offering this at $40 the bag.
Importantly, 1,900 postgraduate research students also ply their trade here, firing up the boiler of Scotland's economic engine.
Now, the barge will ply the canal again, as it once did in the 1940s.
So 4 - ply shouldn't be relegated to baby stuff and socks, but should be used for a special garment for a special person.
The skin is fibreglass over a thin layer of plywood, which is itself supported by a skeleton of thicker ply , stiffened by a steel structure.
Although this route is more expensive than a roof coating, the single ply can be installed as a re-cover, saving the cost of tear off, if the existing roof is less than 25 percent wet.
ferries ply across a strait to the island
the yarn can be any ply from two to eight
In 1912 the SS Earnslaw began to ply the lake and you still can take a trip on this historic steamer.