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plush / плюш, плис, плисовые штаны
имя существительное
cotton velvet, plush, velvet, cord
плисовые штаны
plushes, corduroys, plush
имя прилагательное
plush, plushy
chic, posh, plush, swanky, classy, snazzy
luxurious, sumptuous, splendid, deluxe, palatial, plush
имя прилагательное
richly luxurious and expensive.
the plush chrome and leather office
имя существительное
a rich fabric of silk, cotton, wool, or a combination of these, with a long, soft nap.
deep-buttoned plush upholstery
They walked in and sat down in plush chairs next to a fireplace, looking out the window.
Next stop was Florence, and our base was the Anglo American, a plush hotel boasting Tolstoy among its former guests.
The contribution of this fine tribal artist to the plush art galleries of cosmopolitan cities was remembered.
Once you step into the plush cabin you know you're in a quality car.
She slumped in her seat and propped her feet on the plush one across from her.
He had a plush house in Shrewsbury Road in upmarket Ballsbridge, as well as a number of other properties.
Jordan laughed and sat Blake down on one of the three plush couches in her huge family living room, right next to Maria.
After a few washing they're very soft and flexible but not at all plush like a cotton towel.
There were two plush chairs on the other side of the desk, and Margret and Andrew sat there.
Here I am in New York, in a plush hotel suite overlooking Central Park.