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plus / плюс, преимущество, положительная величина
имя существительное
plus, advantage, positive sign, cross
advantage, edge, excellence, privilege, start, plus
положительная величина
имя прилагательное
positive, affirmative, plus, staid, assertive
additional, extra, surplus, supplementary, plus, complementary
additional, more, further, complementary, extra, plus
имя существительное
a mathematical operation of addition.
an advantage.
knowing the language is a decided plus
имя прилагательное
(after a number or amount) at least.
companies put losses at $500,000 plus
(before a number) above zero; positive.
plus 60 degrees centigrade
having a positive electric charge.
with the addition of.
two plus four is six
furthermore; also.
it's packed full of medical advice, plus it keeps you informed about the latest research
I was especially impressed by the dedication of the guys in stilts, as walking on stilts in 30 plus degree weather for two or so hours can not be easy.
At the end of the year the loan plus the interest must be repaid.
You may be entitled to buy back the vehicle if you pay the full amount owed plus any expenses connected with its repossession, such as storage and preparation for sale.
With a repayment loan, each month you pay interest, plus a small amount off the outstanding balance of the loan.
This brought the total cost of the restoration, plus the new additions, to the $90 million level.
In addition, grandparents, plus aunts and uncles and their children, may also live under the same roof.
Over there, you'll find a list of all their films together, plus cast lists, a brief summary of each plot and my evaluation of each film.
I met three of those young people, plus their parents.
But if a home bought under the right to buy is demolished, councils have to pay compensation of the full market value plus 10 percent relocation costs.
His throwing accuracy is a plus , and he is smooth on the pivot.