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plurality / множество, множественность, совместительство
имя существительное
multiplicity, plurality, variety, multitude, plenty, host
moonlighting, pluralism, plurality
имя существительное
the fact or state of being plural.
some languages add an extra syllable to mark plurality
the number of votes cast for a candidate who receives more than any other but does not receive an absolute majority.
his winning plurality came from creating a reform coalition
In this exhibition, however, visual culture is not reductively promoted as a reassuring link between peoples or as a mindless celebration of plurality and multiculturalism.
In a system based on plurality , the party that comes out on top needn't win a majority of the total votes cast.
Such homogeneity works to neutralise sectarian differences in the political arena while providing the framework for the plurality of opinion and political platforms.
he obtained dispensations to hold several benefices in plurality
some languages add an extra syllable to mark plurality
This collection could have been infused with a more interdisciplinary approach and a greater plurality of insights, as aspects of the topic that one would hope to find are absent.
some languages add an extra syllable to mark plurality
You know the way this works, the plurality on the second ballot is plenty.
Helgen won on a plurality with 38.1 percent of the vote to Reiter's 32.1 percent.
The pragmatic approach stresses the plurality of aims that inquiry serves.