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plural / множественное число, слово во множественном числе
имя существительное
множественное число
слово во множественном числе
имя прилагательное
multiple, plural, numerous
numerous, large, multiple, vast, multitudinous, plural
diverse, varied, various, diversified, variegated, plural
имя прилагательное
more than one in number.
the meanings of the text are plural
имя существительное
a plural word or form.
Dwarf should definitely go in the category of final-f words with variable plurals .
The reason he gives is that there is a plurality of consciousnesses, and there also exist plurally the qualities of desire, hatred, effort, pleasure, and pain.
I've corrected this post to reflect that ‘Sims’ is plural .
Alumni is a masculine plural form; alumnae is the feminine plural .
Participants were told that the solution words did not include foreign words, plurals , or proper names, and that they could use paper and pencils as aids.
Defying expectations that Western influences and urbanisation would gradually do away with plural marriages, polygamy is going strong among Muslims in parts of black West Africa.
Conversely, Russian has a complex plural system in which the morphological markers for sets of two, three, and four differ from those for five through ten.
But given that the section was in practice likely to be focused on people who are indeed purporting to be living in plural marriages, it seems that the report was indeed suggesting that the ban on polygamy was illegal.
However, the commands of worship here are corporate commands addressed plurally .
Their memories of the past will necessarily be plural as well as conflicting, bringing with them both joy and sorrow, both rejoicing and mourning, both happiness as well as despondency.
Australia is demonstrably a religiously plural state.