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plunge / погружение, ныряние
имя существительное
immersion, dive, dipping, dip, plunge, sinking
diving, dive, plunge, ducky, lunge, duck
dive, plunge, dip, sink, submerge, submerse
plunge, walk smack
dip, plunge, douse, bathe, duck, souse
имя существительное
an act of jumping or diving into water.
we went straight from the sauna to take a cold plunge
jump or dive quickly and energetically.
our daughters whooped as they plunged into the sea
push or thrust quickly.
he plunged his hands into his pockets
Another day of global volatility on the markets saw share values plunge , with the Irish stock market now down €30 billion since January.
It has become apparent that some homes are considerably more vulnerable to flooding than others, and these are not just riverside properties - whose value is expected to plunge .
His comments followed a plunge in first half profits from €13.5 million to 7m before tax and exceptional items.
I turned and watched as the Sea Maiden continued her downward plunge into darkness.
The Liberal Democrats warned that forcing people to save for their retirement could plunge many further into financial difficulty.
Yes, but we need research before we plunge in - this isn't simple stuff.
An overnight plunge in commodity prices sent the Australian dollar tumbling to a five month low and currency dealers believe there's more falls to come.
It alleges they breached their duties and wants creditors to be compensated for the company's plunge in value before it finally collapsed in May last year.
The company fell into financial trouble as a result of the plunge in the Thai baht in mid-1997, which made its debt burden soar.
The rough footpath passes dangerously close to the edge of some of these gorges, and a slip on the muddy trail could well mean a headlong plunge into the boiling waters below.