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plump / пухлый, полный, округлый
имя прилагательное
plump, rotund, cherubic, padded, round, podgy
full, complete, utter, total, absolute, plump
roundish, plump, orbed, trochal
plump, put on weight, grow fat, plump up, fatten, plump out
plump, plump up, put on weight, flesh, gain flesh, plump out
plump, blooze
direct, right, straight, directly, live, plump
без обиняков
flat, plump
suddenly, abruptly, all of a sudden, all at once, pop, plump
имя существительное
тяжелое падение
crump, plump, mucker, smasher
имя прилагательное
having a full rounded shape.
the berries were plump and sweet
with a sudden or heavy fall.
she sat down plump on the bed
directly and bluntly.
he must tell her plump and plain that he was collecting unemployment
имя существительное
an abrupt plunge; a heavy fall.
shake or pat (a cushion or pillow) to adjust its stuffing and make it rounded and soft.
she plumped up her pillows
set down heavily or unceremoniously.
she plumped her bag on the table
decide definitely in favor of (one of two or more possibilities).
offered a choice of drinks, he plumped for brandy
Many of the animals here are also quintessentially cute: a rounded bunny, a kitten playing with yarn, a plump fish, a faun.
It came with a wonderful rice pilaf, dotted with raisins, plump cranberries, nuts, seeds and thinly sliced almonds.
The handmade ravioli were plump with a purée of vegetables, and generously coated with a light tomato sauce and strategically placed blobs of basil pesto.
She had a warm smile and plump cheeks that were a rosy red.
Tenderly, she ran one finger down her baby's plump brown cheek.
Next time, I think I'll add some plump cherry tomatoes, too.
It was a female, as evidenced by its plump , rounded abdomen and thin antennae.
he must tell her plump and plain that he was on the dole
This yard, however, had been transformed into a lush garden full of plump , red, juicy tomatoes.
Another great theme garden is the pizza garden, which sparkles with plump tomatoes, sweet basil, thyme, oregano, bell peppers and red onions.