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plummy / завидный, изобилующий сливами, сочный
имя прилагательное
enviable, plummy, invidious
изобилующий сливами
juicy, succulent, lush, rich, mellow, plummy
profitable, advantageous, beneficial, lucrative, expedient, plummy
good, well, nice, pretty, fine, plummy
имя прилагательное
resembling a plum in taste, scent, or color.
cozy reds and plummy blues
(of a person's voice) having an accent thought typical of the English upper classes.
He was forty-seven but he acted like he was seventy-four, and his voice was so plummy River had always wondered if he was putting it on.
choice; highly desirable.
there are some plummy roles for the taking here
Where I come from, I'm considered positively plummy .
We chose a Shiraz wine from Australia, which was just £12, but was thick and plummy , perfect for a wet and windy winter's night.
The association's conference hall was awash with plummy accents and tweed jackets.
He even sounds, in Noah's ears, like a plummy civil servant.
The top is a luscious, plummy red.
She was teased by the other girls and quickly lost her Irish accent, acquiring the plummy tones she now has.
Made from a classic Aussie mix of firm, blackcurranty Cabernet, plumped up by spicy Shiraz and plummy Merlot.
Only her plummy vowels remind you she is an Epsom girly.
‘Absurd,’ said a geriatric 50-year-old with a plummy accent.
This is a delicious, rich, plummy wine, with ripe brambles on the palate and soft tannins.