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plummy / завидный, изобилующий сливами, сочный
имя прилагательное
enviable, plummy, invidious
изобилующий сливами
juicy, succulent, lush, rich, mellow, plummy
имя прилагательное
resembling a plum in taste, scent, or color.
cozy reds and plummy blues
(of a person's voice) having an accent thought typical of the English upper classes.
He was forty-seven but he acted like he was seventy-four, and his voice was so plummy River had always wondered if he was putting it on.
choice; highly desirable.
there are some plummy roles for the taking here
Where I come from, I'm considered positively plummy .
We chose a Shiraz wine from Australia, which was just £12, but was thick and plummy , perfect for a wet and windy winter's night.
The association's conference hall was awash with plummy accents and tweed jackets.
He even sounds, in Noah's ears, like a plummy civil servant.
The top is a luscious, plummy red.
She was teased by the other girls and quickly lost her Irish accent, acquiring the plummy tones she now has.
Made from a classic Aussie mix of firm, blackcurranty Cabernet, plumped up by spicy Shiraz and plummy Merlot.
Only her plummy vowels remind you she is an Epsom girly.
‘Absurd,’ said a geriatric 50-year-old with a plummy accent.
This is a delicious, rich, plummy wine, with ripe brambles on the palate and soft tannins.