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plume / перо, султан, плюмаж
имя существительное
pen, feather, nib, plume, blade, style
sultan, plume, aigrette, panache
plume, panache, feather, aigrette
pluck, plume, pick, nip off
украшать плюмажем
имя существительное
a long, soft feather or arrangement of feathers used by a bird for display or worn by a person for ornament.
a hat with a jaunty ostrich plume
spread out in a shape resembling a feather.
smoke plumed from the chimneys
(of a bird) preen itself.
On alighting, which it does plumply, it immediately bends its body, turns its head to look behind it, performs a curious nod, utters its note, then shakes and plumes itself ,
a hat with a jaunty ostrich plume
a hat with a jaunty ostrich plume
At the end of her tail there was a plume of red feathers.
The creature had a large plume of strands on its head pointing upwards and its body appeared silvery and reflective.
All the journalists in the house - three of us - ran outside to see a white plume of smoke rising close by in the north.
a radioactive plume
Detecting the missile's body near or through the bright exhaust plume is very challenging, even with a suite of multiwavelength sensors.
as he spoke, the word was accompanied by a white plume of breath
A plume of blue exhaust streams out, the engine screams - and we're off, shooting along the high wire.
The stunt came just days after the Vatican signalled the election of new Pope with a plume of white smoke.