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plum / слива, лакомый кусочек, сливки
имя существительное
лакомый кусочек
cream, plum, head
имя прилагательное
full, complete, utter, total, absolute, plum
fat, obese, corpulent, stout, gross, plum
имя существительное
an oval fleshy fruit that is purple, reddish, or yellow when ripe and contains a flattish pointed pit.
He would discover in his own way the lacy texture of a cantaloupe or the dusky purple of a ripe plum .
the deciduous tree that bears the plum.
Everard sat silently against the plum tree , his favorite tree, his favorite spot in all of Dustin Manor's expansive grounds.
a reddish-purple color.
a plum blazer
a highly desirable attainment, accomplishment, or acquisition, typically a job.
he landed a plum assistant producer's job
Cuper knows he will land a plum job, one with near unlimited funds, where winning silverware will be comparatively simple.
Moving the stack, she finds a cute little top in her favorite colour, plum purple.
And it appears that I'm plum out of ice cream (although for some strange reason, I have several boxes of cones).
After so long in opposition, Cook was delighted with such a plum position but despite his undoubted political acumen he came to be regarded as no more than an indifferent performer.
No other boat reached a final, and the eight, defending Olympic champions, came plum last.
You can get them in a room and threaten them with regulations, you can offer the executives cushy positions on the board of crown enterprises or other plum jobs, or you can just have the unions attack them.
Meanwhile why don't ask Muslim ministers who have been given plum posts in the coalition government to do something for the community.
The private sector was miles ahead when the idea was first launched and got itself some amazing plum deals.
White and red are the two major colours of plum flowers.
I got so lost in trying to guess what every feather and coloured band on his body denoted that I plum missed the camp being set up, and nearly didn't notice Doc on his way back over.